Understanding the need of making timely critical decisions specific to the business, We provides customized financial solutions compliant to industry regulations. Equipping organizations of all sizes, we offer Back-office support, Financial Reporting, Asset management, and Treasury management services, Budgeting, and much more.

We provide information regarding performance on all stages for critical decision making in the running of a company. Our reporting function includes details of assets, liabilities, equity, and income and expenses that are directly related to the client’s financial position.

We treat our clients like family, and their success as ours. We analyze your business needs and provide transparent solutions based on individual milestones.


  • Accounts Payable and Receivable.
  • Invoicing and receipt management.
  • Customer collections and Billing.
  • Orders and processing details.
  • Inquiry management.
  • Recording transactions and closing statements.
  • Payroll processing and computation. (calculations, stats, deposits)
  • Data entry, information capture, and scanning.

Fixed Asset Management.

  • Review of items to meet the standard accounting capitalization criteria.
  • Posting of transactions in “Depreciation Solutions”.
  • Review of fixed asset accounts, repair accounts, and supplier accounts.
  • Calculate depreciation, record data in the Financial System and post to relevant General Ledger codes.

Treasury Services.

  • Bank account balance reconciliation and daily account.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting revenue and costs.
  • Upcoming payments review and schedules.
  • Cash projections and loan management.
  • Identifying borrowing requirements.
  • Investment of surplus funds where appropriate.
  • Encasing investments for meeting cash payment requirements.

Financial Reporting.

  • Financial Analysis (ledger, cash flow).
  • Generating monthly financial statements (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss).
  • Consolidated Financial Statements from various companies.
  • Preparing quarterly and annual returns, e.g. 10K and 100.
  • Document management and advanced reporting.
  • Business and investment consultancy.